Dagens låt

Busted - All The Way

It happens every time, you've given me the sign,
We start to get it on, but then you stop me,
You know I've had it up to here, you need to be more clear,
'Cause you're the one that left me here so take me.

'Cause you said that you would, but then you changed your mind,
How could you do this to me? It's just so unkind,
And it's cruel if you say, that you'll go all the way,
I can't wait for the day, that you don't change your mind.

You've got to understand, things are getting out of hand,
You can't just leave me sitting here unseen to,
You know I don't know what to do, or how long to wait for you,
You said you needed time, so I wont rush you.


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